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Consumer Feedback

“managed to earn a subscription fee+ few extra bucks in first couple of hours of my membership ”

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“if you're a new or intermediate trader, then Fap Winner can provide you with improved results and a much better trading experience ”

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“I purchased to software about 3 weeks ago and I got mixed results...until I figured out how to use it! ”

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“I think it's valuable for the following reasons: 1. the user forum is great and full of serious traders 2. The FAPTS settings can help you earn more 3. The news parts is excellent 4. The hedging program is a great tool ”

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“The FAPTS can help you work better with Forex Autopilot and the additional benefits of the users forum, the hedging EA, and the support you get, as well as the trading plan can take your trading to a whole new level ”

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General Information

Fap Winner is the new Forex club, created by a veteran in Forex Trading, Charles Floyd. His goal is to help people who are either experienced traders or beginners to make out the most of the automated trading system, FAP. Fap Winner is also known as Forex Autopilot Users Group and its origins can be found in the earlier development of FAPTS, the Forex Auto Pilot Trading Strategy. FAPTS is an easier and opt way to trade in Forex, using particular settings in the Forex trading auto pilot system.

Product Details

The users of Fap Winner can have direct access to the forex autopilot robot settings and depending on their membership level and status, to many other things, including some additional software for trading in Forex, which works the same way as the Forex auto pilot and in some way complements it. Fap Winner offers to its users the FAPTS, which can prove really helpful when it comes to Forex autopilot, increasing the chances for bigger profits. The user forum consists of hundreds of active members and is a great place to discuss about trading in Forex and explore new options, exchange ideas and definitely educate yourself more, on the Forex Trading market and trades in general.

Fap Winner offers Forex news and updates that Charles Floyd personally takes care of. It is a really comprehensive and adequate source of news, offering a valuable insight to the Forex Market World. You can find numerous new opportunities, even more than you have thought originally. Charles Floyd also offers some weekly updates in which he analyzes the conditions in the market and all the current news, while recommends you how to trade in the coming week, planning ahead. Fap winner is a very reliable and valuable tool for the modern trader, simply because it gives you the chance to learn from the professionals and share your opinion with other traders.

Fap Winner Features:

- Access to FAPTS and FapTurbo trading systems
- Members forum
- Live Chat meetings and access to forex web seminars

Price: $99 one time payment + $49.95 per month

Return Policy: 60 day money back guarantee



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